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Today the heart is mostly monitored with 12-lead ECG (ten electrodes) or via ultrasound scanning by medical professionals. In hospitals, the cardiac monitoring equipment is expensive and largely immobile. There are also portable ECG devices that measure cardiac activity via electrodes attached to the skin. However, ECG devices can’t essentially be made miniature or unnoticeable, as at least two electrodes must be attached inches apart. Also, the reliability and diagnostic capability are severely affected if only two closely placed electrodes are used. Ultrasound scanning gives a detailed view of the structures and motions within the body, but equipment is costly and requires a trained medical expert to operate.

Precordior is developing the next generation of cardiac monitoring solutions. Our patented and patent-pending methods non-invasively measure the motion of the heart. In practice, we use miniature sensors to measure the motion of the precordium, i.e. the chest area above the heart. With this technology, we can produce a seismocardiogram indicating 3D linear motion, and a gyrocardiogram indicating 3D rotational motion along three axes. By analyzing this detailed data our algorithms can determine incredibly reliably for example whether the subject is suffering from atrial fibrillation or a serious heart attack.

For ad hoc testing, you will simply be able to download our mobile app to your smartphone, nothing else being required. We are also planning solutions for long-term monitoring, which would continuously monitor your heart for several weeks at a time, or while you are asleep. We are committed to providing safe and thoroughly tested solutions only, and will seek formal medical approval for all of our solutions, including FDA approval in the USA and CE Class IIa/b in Europe. The year 2017 will involve intense R&D, and we plan to launch our first commercial products by early 2018.

With a growing IPR portfolio projected to comprise more than 50 patents worldwide by 2020, we are in a strong position to revolutionize the cardiac monitoring scene, making highly affordable solutions accessible to anyone and everyone in the world.

Dr. Mikko Pänkäälä
Chief Technology Officer