Scientific background

Our academic research studying the heart via chest micro-motions started at the University of Turku in January 2012. Continuing this work, scientists at Precordior work today in close collaboration with researchers and cardiologists at several universities and hospitals.

Precordior is a scientific forerunner in the field of cardiac motion sensing, especially chest micro-rotation via micro-electromechanical sensors (MEMS). Our team members have published some 30 scientific articles in this area, including in the prestigious journals Circulation and Nature Scientific Reports.

Selected scientific publications:

  • Jussi Jaakkola, Samuli Jaakkola, Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Tero Koivisto, Mikko Pänkäälä, Timo Knuutila, Tuomas O. Kiviniemi, Tuija Vasankari, K.E. Juhani Airaksinen, “Mobile Phone Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using Mechanocardiography — the MODE-AF Study”, Circulation, 2018. [View publication]
  • Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Saeed Mehrang, Matti Kaisti, Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Jussi Jaakkola, Samuli Jaakkola, Tuija Vasankari, Tuomas Kiviniemi, Juhani Airaksinen, Timo Knuutila, Eero Lehtonen, Tero Koivisto, and Mikko Pänkäälä, “Comprehensive Analysis of Cardiogenic Vibrations for Automated Detection of Atrial Fibrillation Using Smartphone Mechanocardiograms”, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2018. [View publication]
  • Zuhair Iftikhar, Olli Lahdenoja, Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Tero Hurnanen, Tuija Vasankari, Tuomas Kiviniemi, Juhani Airaksinen, Tero Koivisto, and Mikko Pänkäälä, “Multiclass classifier based cardiovascular condition detection using smartphone mechanocardiography”, Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group), Vol. 8, Article no. 9344, 2018. [View publication]
  • Matti Kaisti, Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Mikko Pänkäälä and Tero Koivisto, “Standalone Heartbeat Detection in Multidimensional Mechanocardiograms”, 1-10, IEEE Sensors, 2018. [View publication]
  • Mojtaba Jafari Tadi, Eero Lehtonen, Antti Saraste, Jarno Tuominen, Juho Koskinen, Mika Teräs, Juhani Airaksinen, Mikko Pänkäälä, Tero Koivisto, “Gyrocardiography: A New Non-invasive Approach for Mechanical Assessment of Myocardial Function and Estimation of Hemodynamic Variables”, Nature Scientific Reports Journal, 2017. [View publication]
  • Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Zuhair Iftikhar, Sami Nieminen, Timo Knuutila, Antti Saraste, Tuomas Kiviniemi, Tuija Vasankari, Juhani Airaksinen, Mikko Pänkäälä, Tero Koivisto, “Atrial Fibrillation Detection via Accelerometer and Gyroscope of a Smartphone”, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2017. [View publication]
  • Tero Koivisto, Olli Lahdenoja, Tero Hurnanen, Timo Knuutila, Tuija Vasankari, Tuomas Kiviniemi, Antti Saraste, Juhani Airaksinen, Mikko Pänkäälä, “Detecting atrial fibrillation via existing smartphones without any add-ons”, ESC Congress (European Heart Journal supplement), 2016. [View publication]

Award-winning solutions

Over the years, Precordior's unique technology and solutions have received recognition and awards. In 2017 Precordior was awarded the Best Smart Solution Healthtech at the University Startup World Cup in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2019 our solution was selected as Healthcare Technology Innovation of the Year in Finland at the Health Awards Gala in Helsinki, Finland.

As a forerunner in smartphone-based cardiac monitoring and disease detection, Precordior continues to create innovative solutions for the world's population.

Our patent portfolio

During the past nine years we have developed a broad patent portfolio protecting our business interests in major global market areas. We currently have 35 patents granted in the USA, Canada, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and another 30+ patents are pending. In total, we have seven patent families covering gyrocardiography as well as detection of atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, heart failure and heart attacks.

Precordior will continue to rigidly protect its inventions and other IPR in the years to come.

Our ®-class brand suite

Precordior applies a rigid strategy for planning, establishing and protecting its brand identity. We have registered trademarks for Precordior, our key brand names and visual elements in Europe and all major economic regions.

Precordior Ltd. is supported by the European Union.
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