Juuso Blomster

CEO, Ph.D. MD Cardiologist

Dr. Juuso Blomster holds a Specialist in Cardiology degree and is an Adjunct Professor in Cardiology at the University of Turku, Finland.

Dr. Blomster has held several international positions in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. In 2011—2013 he worked at the George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney, Australia, and in 2013—2017 he was Director Physician at AstraZeneca R&D, Sweden. He was also Head Physician, Medical Assessments, and Chief Innovation Officer (Head Physician), Research Services, at Turku University Hospital, as well as Turku Region Development Manager of the SPARK business community. Dr. Blomster is a co-founder of Precordior and CEO since 2018.

Board of Directors

Leena Niemistö

Chairwoman of the Board, Ph.D. MD Physiatrics

Dr. Leena Niemistö is a health care professional with 30 years of clinical and leadership experience. She holds MD and PhD from Helsinki University and has specialised in physical and rehabilitation medicine. She holds also Dr. Admin. Sc. hc from Vaasa University. She worked as a CEO in a private healthcare company Dextra (yrs 2003-2016) and a deputy CEO in a social and healthcare company Pihlajalinna (yrs 2013-2016). Currently she is a board member in several publicly listed companies (Stockmann, Pihlajalinna, Raisio, Nexstim, Nightingale Health), startups, organisations and foundations. She is also an active investor in several health-tech growth companies. She has been recognised as the Business Angel of the year 2016 and for the Business Angel Exit of the year 2019 by FiBAN, as the Top 2 Influencer of Healthcare sector 2015 in Finland by Mediuutiset, and the Top 3 Female Businesswoman in Finland years 2017-2019 by Talouselämä. She received Women's Board Award in 2019.

Ilkka Kivimäki

Member of the Board

Ilkka Kivimäki is a Co-founder and Partner at Maki.vc, an €80 million seed-stage fund partnering with deep tech & brand-driven companies. He’s a serial entrepreneur-turned-investor with over 20 years of experience from both sides of the table. Prior to Maki.vc, Ilkka has worked as CEO and Co-Founder of Wicom Communications, which was sold to SAP where he later served as Senior VP.

Ilkka is a seasoned investor: he was the first investor and former chairman of Wolt, sat on the board of Beddit before it was acquired by Apple, and was the first investor and chairman of AImotive. He’s also passionate about developing the Nordic startup ecosystem – he’s chaired Slush and Startup Sauna, served on the boards of student-led VC Wave Ventures and Europe’s biggest hackathon Junction, and acted as the Head Coach for Startup Sauna, mentoring a new generation of entrepreneurs. He sits on the Aalto University Board, and his contributions to the startup ecosystem have also earned him an honorary doctorate from the university.

Petri Niemisvirta

Member of the Board, LL.M.

Mr. Petri Niemisvirta is an expert in the finance and insurance sector, with nearly 30 years of experience. He is the Managing Director in Mandatum Life and Mandatum Holding, one of Finland's most respected and solvent financial services providers and part of the successful Sampo Group. Mr. Niemisvirta has leaded Mandatum and been a Member of the Sampo Group Executive Committee since 2001. Currently he is the Chairman of the Board at Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company, and a board member in several other companies (Alma Media, Topdanmark, Varma), organisations and foundations. Mr. Niemisvirta has previously been the Chairman of the Board at Alma Media, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK (Finance and Tax Commission) and Finance Finland (Life Insurance Executive Committee). Mr. Petri Niemisvirta has invested in numerous startups through his own investment company, Par Investments Ltd.

Tero-Pekka Alastalo

Member of the Board, Ph.D., MD, CMO USA, GM US Operations

Tero-Pekka Alastalo is the Chief Medical Officer and General Manager of CardioSignal’s operations in the United States. He is based in San Francisco, CA. He has an MD-PhD degree and is specialized in pediatric cardiology. He did his postdoctoral training at Stanford University School of Medicine on the molecular genetic mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases.

Risto Lähdesmäki

Member of the Board

(Biography pending.)

Our professional team

Today Precordior has a total of 20 employees. Our versatile team strikes a balance between technology experts, scientists, medical professionals, quality management and business people. Whether seeking a new medical application, a new business area, or a new target market, we have the competence to get there!

Precordior Ltd. is supported by the European Union.
Project no. 954566 CardioSignal
Duration: 2020–2022
Topic: EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020
Type of action: SME-2b.