Juuso Blomster

CEO, Ph.D. MD Cardiologist

Dr. Juuso Blomster holds a Specialist in Cardiology degree and is an Adjunct Professor in Cardiology at the University of Turku, Finland.

Dr. Blomster has held a several international positions in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. In 2011—2013 he worked at the George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney, Australia, and in 2013—2017 he was Director Physician at AstraZeneca R&D, Sweden. He was also Head Physician, Medical Assessments, and Chief Innovation Officer (Head Physician), Research Services, at Turku University Hospital, as well as Turku Region Development Manager of the SPARK business community. Dr. Blomster is a co-founder of Precordior and CEO since 2018.

Board of Directors

Leena Niemistö

Chairwoman of the Board, Ph.D. MD Physiatrics

Dr. Leena Niemistö holds a Specialist in Physiotherapy degree from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Dr. Niemistö she was the CEO and main owner of Helsinki-based medical center Dextra until 2012, after which she was Vice-CEO of Pihlajalinna and CEO of Dextra up to 2016. She has served as a Board member in several major Finnish corporations, including teleoperator Elisa, retailer Stockmann, Pihlajalinna and health food producer Raisio Group. In 2017 Talouselämä magazine rated Dr. Niemistö as the second most influential woman in Finnish business life.

Silja Bjondahl

Vice-Chair of the Board

Silja Bjondahl is an expert in the finance and insurance sector. She is the Head of Corporate Finance at Elo, the largest pension insurance company in Finland managing assets in the total value of 23 billion USD. She is also an angel investor and has been involved in several startups and growth companies.

Mrs. Bjondahl is one of the original angel investors in Precordior.

Henri Klimscheffskij

Board Member

Henri Klimscheffskij is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. While his main focus has been on the service industry, Mr. Klimscheffskij has also been involved in several technology startups and growth companies. Within the health & wellness app sector, he is also involved in another company providing a mobile app based service for sports training.

Mr. Klimscheffskij is one of the original angel investors in Precordior.

Tuomas Valtonen

COO, Board Member, M.Sc.

Mr. Tuomas Valtonen holds an M.Sc. degree in ICT and industrial management from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.

Mr. Valtonen was Director of the Technology Research Center at the University of Turku, where Precordior's original scientific excellence was born. He was also Chairman of China Europe Health & Sports Council, Board member of the European Technology Platform for Water, Board member of Finnish Water Forum, as well as Steering Group member of China Europe Water Platform, where he was the European Union's main representative to the People's Republic of China in water quality cooperation. Mr. Valtonen is a co-founder of Precordior.

Our professional team

Today Precordior has a total of 18 employees and we are growing to 20 by the end of 2020. Our versatile team strikes a balance between technology experts, scientists, medical professionals, quality management and business people. Whether seeking a new medical application, a new business area, or a new target market, we have the competence to get there!