About us

We’re all about you.

Precordior was founded by a group of technology and business experts who decided to go beyond just making devices and money. In everything we do at Precordior, we aim at making a difference. Saving someone’s life. Giving someone a better life. Helping someone live a longer, healthier life.

All respect to the technology buzz, fancy games and devices, but at Precordior we believe that living a longer, healthier life is what matters most. Perhaps not only for you, but also for your parents, family and loved ones.


At Precordior our goal is to give every person in the world access to critical information on their own health. We will develop simple solutions for smartphones as well as miniature monitoring devices. We will provide affordable solutions for the masses, available to virtually anyone.


At Precordior, we believe that every human being is equally valuable, regardless of their age, gender, financial status, or where they live. We believe that everyone has the right to be alerted of dangerous health conditions, in time to seek medical assistance. We believe that everyone is entitled to a long and healthy life.

Because everyone’s life is important, we only provide reliable, thoroughly tested solutions that are granted formal medical certificates, such as European CE Class IIa/b and FDA licenses in the United States. Whether it is our mobile app, miniature device or high-end bed monitor, we stand behind what we tell you.

Juuso Blomster
CEO, Precordior Ltd.