At Startup Day 2017 in Tartu, Estonia, Precordior was awarded the Champion’s Cup for Best Pitch of the Estonia-Finland Pitching Contest. Precordior’s pitch, delivered by CEO Tuomas Valtonen, described the company’s mobile app for detection of Atrial fibrillation (AFib), which has previously also received the award for Best Smart Solution for Healthtech at the University Startup World Cup in September 2017.

Tuomas Valtonen received the Champion’s Cup at the Estonia-Finland Pitching Contest award ceremony. “We are again delighted to receive further recognition in a multinational competition for our efforts towards detecting AFib and reducing strokes worldwide. With a robust smartphone solution for detecting AFib anytime, anywhere, we are committed to bringing advanced healthtech solutions to the global community with potential to save numerous lives everywhere, every year.”

– The Startup Day 2017 event was an excellent opportunity for startups from all industries to meet and network with one another, in addition to refining their business strategies together with potential customers and investors. In the Estonia-Finland pitching contest we competed against many fine startups, all developing exciting technologies for the future. We were honoured to represent Finland in the contest and help to shed light on the high quality of Finnish innovation and know-how.