At the University Startup World Cup 2017, Precordior’s mobile app for detection of Atrial fibrillation received the award for Best Smart Solution for Healthtech.

CEO Tuomas Valtonen represented Precordior at USWC this year: “We are delighted to receive recognition in a worldwide competition for our efforts towards detecting AFib and reducing strokes worldwide. We have come a long way since we first embarked into studying cardiac activity via chest motion back in 2011. Nowadays AFib is a widely known challenge for the global population, and we are fortunate to have developed a robust smartphone solution for detecting AFib anytime, anywhere. We truly believe that numerous lives could be saved with our smartphone app.”

– The USWC event itself presents a great opportunity for advanced startups from all over the world to meet one another to share ideas and experiences. Precordior will continue to play an active role in the technology startup community, both in Finland and abroad.