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We are specialised in non-invasive solutions for cardiac monitoring, primarily focusing on measuring the motion of the precordium, i.e. the area of the chest over the heart – hence our company name Precordior.

Our research team has developed several ground-breaking methods for detecting serious heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, which causes up to 40% of all strokes worldwide, or serious heart attacks, which cause millions of deaths annually. We have also developed an entirely new method for cardiac monitoring by measuring rotational motion of the precordium, which we were the first to coin as “gyrocardiography”. We expect this technology to enable many future applications in cardiac monitoring.

Today we are transforming years of academic work into real-world solutions for the global market. With a growing IPR portfolio projected to comprise more than 50 patents worldwide by 2020, we are in a strong position to revolutionize the cardiac monitoring scene, making highly affordable solutions accessible to anyone and everyone in the world.

If you have concerns about your heart, or the hearts of your loved ones, please get in touch with us. One true measurement is more valuable than a million guesses.

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