Use your smartphone to detect atrial fibrillation

Precordior’s CardioSignal smartphone application helps people to improve their lives and to access critical health information.

Atrial fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is a heart rhythm disorder of the atria, which affects approximately 2% of the global population and causes up to 40% of all strokes worldwide. With CardioSignal application anyone can detect Afib in time and seek for medical assistance in time.

Technology in your pocket

There are over 2 billion smartphone users. With our technology, most of the people can access to critical information of their own health using a smartphone. We will provide affordable solutions for the masses, available to virtually anyone. 



CardioSignal application uses phone sensors to detect atrial fibrillation with 96% accuracy. Our patented method  is the best in the market compared to competing solutions and we can do it utilizing built-in smartphone features. No extra accessories needed.

Precordior as a Company

Precordior was founded by a group of medical, technology and business experts who decided to go beyond just making devices and money. In everything we do at Precordior, we aim to make a difference. Saving someone’s life. Giving someone a better life. Helping someone live a longer and healthier life.

All respect to the technology buzz, fancy games and devices, but at Precordior we believe that living a longer, healthier life is what matters most. Perhaps not only for you, but also for your parents, family and loved ones.


Every human being is equally valuable, regardless of their age, gender, financial status, or where they live. We believe that everyone has the right to be alerted of dangerous health conditions, to seek medical assistance in time. We believe that everyone is entitled to a long and healthy life.


Our goal is to give every person in the world access to critical information on their own health. We will develop simple solutions for smartphones as well as miniature monitoring devices. We will provide affordable solutions for the masses, available to virtually anyone around the world.


Our vision is to provide Precordior technology to everyone also via our partner services. We can extend our technology to detect other heart related deceases such as heart failure (HF), coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF).

Precordior’s smartphone app for detection of atrial fibrillation has won the title of Finland’s Health Innovation of the Year at the Health Awards 2019 event in Helsinki, Finland. 

Health Award is a recognized award for the stars and doers of the Finnish health industry. The main organizer, Tamro Corporation, has worked already over 120 years for the Finnish health and wellbeing

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Etsitkö tietoa CardioSignal sovelluksen aktivointikoodista?

Avainapteekki-lehden artikkelista johtuen olemme viime päivien aikana vastaanottaneet huomattavan määrän kyselyjä aktivointikoodista ja mistä sen saa hankittua. Valitettavasti tämä tärkeä tieto oli jäänyt pois Avainapteekit-lehdestä. Aktivointikoodi mahdollistaa eteisvärinän mittauksen CardioSignal-sovelluksellamme.

Tällä hetkellä pilotoimme palvelua Avainapteekkien kanssa Suomessa ja aktivointikoodin voi ostaa ainoastaan Avainapteekkien seuraavista toimipisteistä:

  • - Apteekki Easton (Helsinki)
  • - Kontulankaaren apteekki (Helsinki) 
  • - Kairatien apteekki (Rovaniemi)
  • - Kaarinan apteekki (Kaarina)
  • - Siilin apteekki (Siilinjärvi)


Voitte myös tiedustella koodia muista Avainapteekkien toimipisteistä, jolloin koodi maksetaan avainapteekin toimipisteeseen, mutta toimitetaan asiakkaan sähköpostiin Avainapteekkien keskitetyn CardioSignal-myynnin kautta.

Avainapteekkien kampanjatarjouksena 3kk aktivointikoodin saa nyt hintaan 12.30€.

Applen ja Googlen maksujärjestelmät ovat mukana seuraavassa ohjelmistoversiossa. Käyttäjillä on mahdollisuus tilata mittaustoiminto 1kk/3kk/12kk ajaksi. Seuraava iPhone-versio julkaistaan n. 2 viikon sisällä ja pyrimme julkaisemaan Android-version vielä elokuun aikana.

Are you looking for information about CardioSignal activation code?

We have received a huge amount of questions regarding activation code during the past few days. Unfortunately, Avainapteekit article in their magazine lacked information about the activation code and where to get it.

Currently, we are piloting CardioSignal with Avainapteekit-pharmacies and you can purchase the activation code only in the following retails stores:

  • - Apteekki Easton (Helsinki)
  • - Kontulankaaren apteekki (Helsinki)
  • - Kairatien apteekki (Rovaniemi)
  • - Kaarinan apteekki (Kaarina)
  • - Siilin apteekki (Siilinjärvi)


You can also inquire the activation code from other Avainapteekit-pharmacy retail stores and pay the code in the store but it will be delivered to your email from Avainapteekit central.

Campaign offer - 3 months activation code for 12.30€.

In the next software versions, users can purchase 1 month, 3 months or 1 year subscription using standard Apple and Google payment systems. iPhone version will be released in a few weeks and we target to release the next Android version during August.